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Welcome to My Moneymanager!

MyMoneymanager is a whole of ideas and software about how to learn and how to manage your money. It’s a part of what we call “Personal Finance”. MM (MyMoneymanager)  is about learning and showing people, kids how to manage their money. MM develops and supports others while creating new apps and games, so everybody can see and learn how to be the boss of your own wallet, whatever the content may be.

The first goals of MM is to learn everybody how to spend money within budget.

For this we created a game called “Run4MyMoney”. It shows cheaper suggestions about costs you made. The game does this while replaying a past period (mostly a month). The run ends with a new calculation of your balance based on suggestions of the game. This new positive result shows people, kids that they can do better and can this experience as input for next period, coming month.  For the game “Run4MyMoney” go to the Games tab and play the game.


The second goal of MM is to make everybody a Money Manager.

When you have some money on some bank accounts next question is: how do we manage this? Sometimes you have a negative balance but this was not necessary because another bank account had enough balance, but you didn’t care or didn’t notice it. But you must know that a negative balance costs about 11% interest. A waist of money.

So MM helps you by showing all the balances of your bank accounts in one overview and suggests how to move your money between these account, so negative balances will no longer appear. MM can also move some small amounts on a regular basis to a savings or buffer account and leaves enough money on accounts for daily use. Some examples of screens are available, go to the MyMoneymanager tab and see how it works (coming soon) . So MM:

  • gives an overview of all accounts and balances
  • prevents negative balances
  • saves money

 MM will show new ideas about managing your money with new software to improve the results of your money by handling it smarter.

Let’s help each other realizing a better financial world.

July 26, 2021

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